Survival Doc Says
A Supplement to Natural Health School Lesson 1
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Herbalism for Preppers and Survivalists

About These Supplemental Lessons:

All of the lessons of Natural Health School will be essential to your education. Don't just think that you can get away with reading these prepper supplements alone. These are called supplements because they are intended to supplement, not to replace, the other lessons.

As a prepper or survivalist (I use those words synonymously) you are naturally interested in being your own doctor. Being your own doctor is what Natural Health School is all about. That is a noble goal, not only because it will help you survive situations where medical care may be in short supply, but also because conventional medical doctors who are mostly just pushers for the pharmaceutical industry are destroyers of health and the number one killer of Americans! (There is a place for medical doctors, many of whom have excelled in trauma care and emergency medicine. If you need a medic then by all means see one without delay!)

Acquiring Herbs and Supplements When the System Goes Down:

In the lessons of Natural Health School I discuss and recommend a lot of herbs and other nutritional supplements that are available on the commercial market. That's well and good, but you are preparing for a time when we might not be able to readily acquire supplements on the commercial market. Furthermore, some of the herbs I recommend are grown in such far off places as South America, China, Africa and Australia. What if the time comes when we are not able to acquire these herbs?

As a prepper you stockpile items that might be difficult to acquire when the system goes down. That is something that I do and I recommend to others. But you also want to learn alternative methods, including growing herbs yourself and wildcrafting herbs from the woods. I have always maintained that the most important things that you will store as a prepper will be the things that you store in your head. And that is what Natural Health School will help you do. Some of the most important things that I teach people have to do with how their bodies work. In my 25 years of clinical practice I have never ceased to be amazed with how little people know about the workings of their own bodies. Most of my patients have some idea about how their cars work, and what to do when their cars break down, but they don't have a clue as to what to do when their bodies break down. I ask you...What's more important?

You will need to know not only how your body works, but also what you can do yourself to help it when something goes wrong. But even more importantly, you need to know how to prevent something from going wrong in the first place! Because when it comes to your health, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure! And that pound will be more like a hundred pounds when the system goes down!

You will not only need to know about nutrition and herbal medicine, you will also need to know what medicinal herbs you can grow yourself, and how to identify and use medicinal herbs that you can find in the woods around you. A complete education on this subject is beyond the scope of this online course, but this will get you off to a good start. Along the way I will also be recommending books on plant identification and uses. But you can't just buy these books and put them aside until the time comes when you will need them. You must start using this knowledge now. You can never know it all. You can never know enough. But everything that you learn will put you one step ahead of where you are now.

Most people who take up gardening fail in their first few attempts. So if you are simply collecting books and stockpiling seeds, and waiting until the system goes down before learning how to garden, you will be in a lot of trouble when the crap hits the fan. You must start now! Even if it is in the dead of Winter, you need to start growing some herbs in your kitchen window. At this point grow anything. Grow savory herbs for your kitchen. Grow sprouts. Grow wheat grass. But do something now!

(Note: The "Survival Doc Says" supplements are under construction and are not yet available for all lessons. I will add them as they are completed.)

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