The ABC Plus D Approach

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The best answer is all of the above.

Any nutritional program will yield better results if one of these energy supplements is included.

A great way to begin energizing the body is with plant enzymes. Every chemical reaction in the body requires enzymes—from the digestion of food to the release of energy for cell metabolism. Many enzymes are contained in raw plant foods but cooking and processing destroys them, and so a diet that consists mostly of cooked and processed foods will be deficient. That is why we refer to such foods as devitalized. Eating foods deficient in enzymes places additional stress on the body's enzyme production system, depleting it of vital resources that are needed elsewhere. We should therefore make an effort to eat some raw plant foods every day. The foods that are highest in enzymes are live freshly-sprouted seeds, such as alfalfa or broccoli sprouts.

Plant enzymes are also available as a dietary supplement in a product called Proactazyme Plus, a full-spectrum enzyme product that aids the digestion of all foods. In order to stimulate the body's energy systems—especially its self-healing systems—we recommend that your nutritional program include one or two capsules of Proactazyme Plus with every meal. Take at the beginning of the meal.

In addition to this energy supplement, when pain, difficulty sleeping, or low energy are involved, meridian therapy (acupuncture) is excellent at helping to energize the body and speed recovery. For lay individuals, and professionals as well, the best way I have found for doing this is by using the CieAura Holographic Chips,™ which work through a combination of homeopathy and meridian therapy (needleless acupuncture.) Specific chips are available for pain, sleep, and energy—three conditions which indicate an imbalance in the body's energy systems.

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The B Stands for Build

The above activation techniques provide the life energy necessary for body repair. But in order for that energy to be most effective the necessary raw materials must be available. To put it another way; the enzymes are the brick layers, but a brick layer can do little if he or she does not have bricks and mortar to work with. With the B of the ABC plus D approach we supply the bricks and mortar.

Most of the foods we eat today have been heavily processed. This increases their shelf-life, but it also destroys many vitamins and phytonutrients. Add to this the fact that modern farming practices have depleted our soils of many trace minerals and you have a formula for disaster.

We simply can not rely on our food today for all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. That is why we recommend that everyone include a high-quality natural multi-vitamin and trace mineral supplement in their nutritional program. We recommend Super Supplemental multi-vitamins and minerals along with Ionic Minerals to insure that you get all of the trace minerals that your body requires.

True or False:
It is possible to get all the nutrition we need for optimal health from the foods that we eat without nutritional supplementation.


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