The ABC Plus D Approach

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It is not possible to get all the nutrition we need for optimal health from the foods that we eat without nutritional supplementation. While it is possible today to get enough nutrition from our foods to prevent vitamin deficiency disease, which was what the "Recommended Daily Allowances" were based on, this falls far short of what nutritional science has discovered to be necessary for optimal health. Today's overworked soils have been depleted of many trace minerals that the body needs, and food processing has been remarkably successful at removing any nutrition remaining in our foods. Add to this the additional requirements brought about by stressful living conditions in a polluted environment, and the fact that we often make poor choices when it comes to our health, and you have a formula for disaster. That is why everyone, without exception, needs to be on a nutritional program to provide not only vitamins, but even more importantly, the essential trace minerals, enzymes, and fiber that we are missing.

The C stands for Cleanse. Cleansing opens the body's channels of elimination so that waste can be properly eliminated before toxins build up in the tissues and blood. Toxins produce stress and deplete the body's energy systems. Proper elimination conserves the body's healing energy making more energy available for healing and repair.

Modern food processing has removed most of the fiber from our foods. To add insult to injury we often eat too many foods that contain no fiber at all, such as meat and dairy products. These slow the movement of the intestines and promote the build up of waste material and toxins in the bowel, liver and blood. Everyone can benefit from a periodic cleanse to clear out these accumulations.

We do not recommend that people who are thin, pale, emaciated or in a weakened condition begin with a cleanse. Such people should begin by building. We also do not recommend cleansing for women who are pregnant or lactating. For the rest of us, it is a good idea to begin our nutritional program with a cleanse. We then recommend a cleanse twice a year—once in the Spring and again in the Fall. Nature's Sunshine has developed a special combination called CleanStart. It is an easy and mild, yet complete, two-week cleansing program.

For most individuals, the place to begin their natural health program is with . . .

the A for Activate.
the B for Build.
the C for Cleanse.
the D for Direct aid.

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