The Structural System
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According to this author, cleansing is the first step in any natural health program for nearly all individuals with arthritis.


The previous discussion in this lesson regarding calcium and the bones covered many of the factors involved with this potentially debilitating disease and the importance of a complete, quality calcium supplement for the bones such as Skeletal Strength. Daily weight-bearing exercises such as walking are also important and the glandular system should be supported if it is a weak area for the individual involved. A collagen supplement such as Collatrim Plus may also be helpful. It will be recalled that the bones are made up primarily of the minerals calcium and phosphorus on a collagen matrix.

It is my opinion, and the opinion of many health experts, that the primary cause of osteoporosis, rather than insufficient dietary intake of calcium, is a diet that is too high in acid-producing foods, particularly sugar and wheat. Milk and other dairy products, rather than helping the situation, are actually making it worse. Carbonated beverages, particularly colas, are also detrimental. As previously mentioned in this lesson, these foods produce a slight acid shift in the blood, making it necessary for the body to pull calcium from the bones to buffer the acid. This calcium is eventually lost through the urine. (See lesson on the subject of Acid-Alkaline Balance.)

The best thing we can do to prevent osteoporosis is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and wheat; and avoid carbonated beverages, particularly sodas. Unfortunately Americans appear to be heading in the opposite direction. The high consumption of acid-producing junk foods and colas that our children are consuming today, at an age when they should be building their "calcium bank" instead of withdrawing from it, will certainly lead to more osteoporosis—which is already an epidemic—in the future.

Nutritional Support for Ptosis of Organs

Colon cleansing (CleanStart) is essential for this problem, to get the weight of the colon off the internal organs. Exercises, particularly those on a slant board with the head slightly lower than the rest of the body, are also helpful. In addition, a collagen supplement such as Collatrim Plus can help in two ways: It can be used to help control weight, which is often a factor in this condition; and it supplies necessary nutrients to help strengthen the connective tissues responsible for supporting the internal organs.

Ptosis or prolapse of the internal organs is a common and often unrecognized condition which can lead to uterine problems in women and prostate problems in men. An essential first step in any natural program to aid this condition is ___________.

Direct Nutritional Aid

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