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Ptosis or prolapse of the internal organs is a common and often unrecognized condition which can lead to uterine problems in women and prostate problems in men. An essential first step in any natural program to aid this condition is colon cleansing.

Nutritional Support for Teeth and Gums

As we saw in a previous section of this lesson, gum disease, or gingivitis, can be an indication of osteoporosis of the bone surrounding the teeth. A good calcium supplement for the bones, such as Skeletal Strength, is therefore a good first step in maintaining the health of the teeth and gums.

Coenzyme Q-10, one 30 mg capsule with a meal two to three times a day, is also very helpful for the gums and will often arrest or even reverse gum disease.

Tea Tree Oil, the pure oil from the Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), can be applied directly to the gums with a cotton swab to kill bacteria. A drop or two of Tea Tree Oil can also be used on your toothbrush and dental floss.

White Oak Bark has an astringent effect which helps tighten the gums and stop bleeding. The capsules containing white oak bark can be opened and the herb powder can be applied directly to the gums and held in place with a cotton ball. You can also make a tea of the herb powder and use the tea, once cooled to room temperature, as a mouth wash. Rinse your mouth with the tea for a good minute and then swallow it.

Black Walnut removes plaque and whitens the teeth. Open one capsule of black walnut herb and put the herb powder in the palm of your hand. Dip a wet tooth brush in the herb powder and use it to brush your teeth. You can also use the liquid herbal extract of black walnut if you prefer. I like the herb powder because it has a mild abrasive effect.

Clove Bud Essential Oil is good for numbing the pain of a toothache. If the taste and sensation of clove oil is familiar to you it may be because dentists use it on a cotton swab to numb the gums prior to administering a shot. Put the clove oil on a cotton ball and place it against the gum for temporary relief until you can see your dentist.


Dentists have used an essential oil in their practices for years, by employing the oil of ________ to numb the gums prior to administering a shot.

tea tree

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What About Fluoride?

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