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More About Parasites.

In Lesson Seven I recommended an herbal combination called Para-Cleanse as a treatment or preventative measure for parasites. But what if the normal supply system is down and you can't find such a supplement? For years people have used herbs for parasites. Black Walnut hulls and Pumpkin Seeds are two of these herbs.

Black walnut hulls have been proven highly effective in eliminating tapeworm, pinworms, ringworm and other intestinal parasites. The dried green outer hulls of walnuts are used. It also has a laxative effect which helps the body efficiently eliminate the worms it kills and weakens. Traditionally it has also been used to treat cold sores, herpes, athlete's food and Candida because of its anti-fungal properties. It is also an effective anti-viral and has been used to eliminate warts, caused by viruses. Black walnut hulls is antiseptic and has been effectively used externally on infections and to treat acne.

Pumpkin seeds contains a natural fat that is toxic to parasite eggs. They also contain a chemical called curcurbitin, which paralyzes worms so they drop off the intestinal walls and are eliminated from the body. It is important to keep the bowels moving regularly when using any parasite cleanse so the vermin are quickly moved out of the body. Pumpkin seeds are effective agains tapeworms and other parasites as well.

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