The Respiratory System

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All of the above. The nasal cavity warms, humidifies (moistens) and filters the air we breathe.

            Ear             Because the middle ear chamber drains into the upper respiratory tract, by way of the eustachian tube, the middle ear is often considered part of the respiratory system.

When the eustachian tube becomes blocked, fluid can build up in the middle ear chamber. Bacteria can take advantage of the situation and proliferate, resulting in inflammation and infection in the middle ear. Such a condition is referred to as otitis media [ot-, ear + itis, inflammation] or simply, a middle ear infection.



The Lower Respiratory Tract

Moving further down the respiratory tract we reach the larynx, or "voice box," which contains the vocal cords. The voice is produced by controlled vibrations of the vocal cords as air is pushed out of the lungs and through the larynx.

When the layrnx becomes inflammed a condition can occur resulting in temporary loss of the voice. This is known as laryngitis [larynx + -itis, inflammation].

The Lobes of the Lungs

The right lung is divided into three lobes while the left is divided into two. The left lung is smaller to make room for the heart.


Another name for the larynx is the _________.

middle ear
eustachian tube
voice box

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