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Hemialgia means pain on one half of the body.

The prefix hom- (or homo-, home-, homeo-) means "same, like, or similar." A homosexual is someone sexually oriented toward the "same" sex.

To homogenize means to blend diverse elements into a uniform mixture or to make it all the "same." Our milk is "homogenized" because many people do not like having the fat, or cream, rise to the top. When milk is homogenized, the fat globules are broken down into very fine particles by forcing them through minute openings. The minute particles no longer rise to the top of the liquid so the milk is all the "same," so to speak.

Homeostasis [homeo- + -stasis, a standing] refers to a state of equilibrium of the internal environment of the body that is dynamicly maintained by feedback and regulation. Homeostasis is the process that allows, for example, our body's internal temperature to remain relatively constant (or the "same") regardless of the temperature changes that take place around us.

Homeopathy [homeo-, + -path, disease] is a system of treating disease (founded by Dr. S.C.F. Hahnemann in 1796 in Philadelphia) based on the theory of "like cures like" which is also known as the "law of similars." This theory states that a substance that produces symptoms of a disease in healthy people when given in a large dose will cure the same symptoms when given in very minute (diluted) amounts.

The prefix hyper- means "over, above, excessive, or beyond normal."

Hyperglycemia [" + glyc, sugar + emia, blood] for example means abnormally increased blood sugar level.

What does hyperthyroidism mean?

an overactive thyroid gland
an underactive thyroid gland
an overactive parathyroid gland
an underactive parathyroid gland